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At Designed Integration, our goal is to create a truly customized system, designed to fit the clients interests, budgets and the aesthetics of their home or business. The main challenge is to overcome the layout of the space, which could just be a single room, and find a compromise between what is technically correct, how it will fit into the space and what is aesthetically pleasing to the client. We strive to expand our abilities on each new installation and through that process we gain invaluable experience to apply to every job thereafter.

When it comes to the electronic components, our goal is to stay ahead of the curve, knowing the current products and those that are just around the corner. From our experience and product training, we are able to recommend the best products and those that will work well together. Integrating equipment to control it from one single interface is one of our major passions, requiring us to calculate every aspect of the system and create an interface that will fit the clients level of technical aptitude.

We are willing to work with some or all of you existing equipment but there is always the chance that it may not work well with other devices. Standard devices like cable boxes, bluray players or even TVs are not our responsibility. We can give guidance and recommendations on service providers and many other details but will not be held responsible for their services or products.

Rated Best of 2012 by, we are proud of the reputation we have built in the Atlanta marketplace. We have technicians on staff that are specifically trained on all types of systems, allowing us to handle every need you may have. Our main goal is to create a long term customer relationship, to help you keep up with today’s technology. We intend to maintain competitive pricing and to surpass your expectations.

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